Friday, November 20, 2009

Glad I Didn't Throw Out My Old Thermometer

Yesterday I made a batch of CPHP (crock pot hot process) soap. The flashpoint of the fragrance I was going to scent the batch with was 200ºF. I pointed my laser thermometer at the soap as soon as it had finished cooking. It gave a reading of 160º. That didn't look right. I wondered how soap that hadn't had a chance to cool, already be below the fragrance flashpoint? I took out my old thermometer which has a probe, stuck it into the soap, and sure enough, it gave me a reading of over 200º!

Another soaping lesson learned. What has been your biggest lesson learned?


  1. That other than you shouldn't throw out old things,(that's why Miss Kiwi keeps me), no matter how hard you work and how many hours you put in, there's still stuff to be done so you may as well take a break now as the work will still get done when you are ready for it!! Muzz

  2. Hi Muzza,
    What a pleasant surprise. Nice to see you here. Thanks for posting. Drop by anytime. Hugs to Kiwi.

  3. I guess I'm thinking along the same lines as Anonymous. Take time to smell the lavender.


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