Friday, March 8, 2013

If It Fits It Ships -- Not So Fast There Perfume

We've all seen those commercials from the United States Post Office proclaiming whatever you can fit in one of their flat rate boxes (as long as it's under 70 pounds) ships for a low flat rate. This does not hold true when it comes to mailing perfume. Due to their flammable nature, fragrances containing alcohol, cannot be shipped via air (so no Priority or Express Mail). This also means that shipping perfume to Hawaii is not permitted since there are no ground shipping options to the islands. Packages containing perfume must also weigh less than 16 ounces. Recently, I shipped a package containing three one ounce bottles of perfume.  Between wrapping the bottles in bubble wrap, plus packing peanuts, the package was well over a pound. I was told I'd have to rewrap the package. The post office has advised that each bottle should be shipped separately. Also, perfume containing alcohol is prohibited in international shipments.
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