Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Self Renewal

I can't believe that summer's over. In New York City, it barely felt like we had a summer this year. It rained so much people joked about building arks. Temperatures didn't reach into the 90's until the middle of August.

Like many in the United States, we've been effected by the poor economy. Instead of a week's vacation, we opted for a more economical getaway, a couple of days at the Jersey Shore. While it was great to get away, I didn't think the mini-vacation was anything that special. That is until we got home. I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt! I'm not talking "light some candles and take a hot bath" relaxed. I felt like Oprah when she talks about renewal of spirit, lol. My brain wasn't racing its usual 1000 miles an hour thinking of all the things I had to put on my "to-do list." I knew this feeling wasn't going to last very long, but I was going to savor every second of it!

What do you do to renew yourself? Is there a special place you go? Share your tips by clicking on "comments" right underneath this post.


  1. Just like you, we haven't been on a real vacation in a few years. What we try to do is take weekend trips to jazz concerts. Stay in economy hotels since we'll be gone all day anyway and won't miss the amenities. The one treat I do give myself is attending the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conferences and treating that like a mini vacation.

  2. Blog walking to see what's up. Smooches.

  3. Delores, you made my day! Thanks! Smooches right back atcha!


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